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IDNR offers you the ability to login to our system by providing various forms of identification. You also have the opportunity to create an easy to remember username and password which you can manage yourself and then use to quickly login to the system. Let's begin by finding your account, then you'll have the opportunity to create your personalized account access when you reach your personal homepage.

For further assistance finding your account or creating a new account, please contact Customer Support at (866) 716-6550

Attention: Non-Resident Active-Duty Military Applicants & Non-Resident Lifetime License Holders prior to 08/15/2006: You must select Non-Resident on the "Review" page. This will ensure the correct applications and pricing appear for your selection.

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New to the Illinois IDNR? If you have never done business with the IDNR before, you will need to create an account. This will generate your IDNR Customer Identification (CID) number, which will appear below your name on your customer dashboard.

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